• Sides and Sauces

    Basmati Rice - $3.00
    Plain cooked basmati rice.

  • Chicken Tikka Salad - $11.99
    A medley of fresh green salad and grilled chicken tikka

    Chickpea Salad - $9.99
    Boiled chickpeas mixed with cucumber and tomatoes, lightly seasoned.

    Garden Salad - $6.00
    Freshly cut greens and seasonal salads

    Hot Chilli Sauce - $3.00
    Our home made chilli sauce for the lovers of hot food.

    Mango Chutney - $3.00

    Mint Chutney - $3.00
    Mint flavoured yoghurt sauce with mild spices.

    Mixed Pickle - $3.00

    Popodoms - $3.00
    Four pieces per portion.

    Raita - $4.00
    Yoghurt combined with finely chopped cucumber, coriander and flavoured with cumin powder and other spices.

    Side Platter - $9.99
    A combination of popadoms, mango Chutney, mixed Pickle and raita.

    Sliced Onion Salad - $3.00
    Freshly sliced onions.

    Tamarind Chutney - $3.00
    Sweet and sour

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