• Vegetarian

    All these dishes come with rice. Please order breads and sides separately.
    Palak Paneer - $14.99
    Homemade cottage cheese tempered with cumin seeds and cooked with tomato and creamy spinach.

  • Malai Kofta - $14.99
    Delicately soft kofta balls made with cottage cheese and nuts that melts in mouth, lightly fried and then cooked in creamy, rich and little sweet gravy.

    Daal Makhni - $14.99
    A delicious, protein and fibre rich dish from Punjab is made with slow cooked black lentils and kidney beans with mixed spices and dash of cream.

    Shahi Paneer - $14.99
    Cottage cheese cooked in a cashew-based gravy with exotic spices from Shahi kitchen.

    Chana Masala - $14.99
    Perfectly cooked chickpeas cooked with onion, tomatoes, ginger garlic and fresh coriander.

    Vegetable Jalfrezi - $15.99
    Seasonal vegetables and cottage cheese cooked in a tomato-based sauce.

    Veggie Korma - $14.99
    Mixed vegetables cooked in mild cashewnut and cream based smooth gravy.

    Paneer Tikka Masala - $15.99
    Pieces of cottage cheese are marinated overnight and grilled in tandoor, then cooked in lightly spiced gravy with chopped capsicum.

    Kadai Paneer - $14.99
    Cubes of cottage cheese sautéed with think cut onions and capsicum coated in thick onion and tomato based gravy.

    Aloo Gobi - $14.99
    Potatoes and Cauliflower cooked with onion, ginger garlic and spices, same as we cook in home in Indian.

    Bombay Aloo - $13.99
    Mildly spiced potatoes cooked with ginger and garlic, flavoured with roasted cumin seeds and garam masala.

    Mushroom Matar - $15.50
    Fresh mushrooms and green peas cooked in flavourful onion and tomato based sauce with a dash of fresh cream.

    Aloo Matar - $14.99
    A home style curry made with potatoes and peas cooked in onion and tomato based sauce, flavoured with mixed herbs and spices.

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