About Us

Welcome to Mango

Traditional Indian Restaurant

We serve from traditional Indian food to the authentic Malaysian dishes as well. With our top chefs from all over India, we use the highest quality and freshest of ingredients.

We are located in the heart of Blenheim town and from inside you can enjoy the beautiful view of famous streets of the town and especially the view becomes more amazing in the night time.

Inheather it is a couple night, family get together or a big group function, Mango Blenheim has a capacity to fit group functions or family function. We have a special small nice back room to fit up to thirty people and for more than thirty or a big group, we have the front big room and for this kind of functions, we have a special buffet service and special catering which makes our customers feel at home like service.


The We have a lovely and friendly staff who are always ready to help you choose from the menu and will try their best to explain the particular dish you are eager about.